Right inside our front door, you'll discover an Olympic Torch, from the Winter Games held in Salt Lake City.  Inscribed in the handle is the motto for those splendid games: 

"Light the Fire Within"

At Arends, we believe in the power of ideas to unleash human aspirations...and transform markets. Ideas do this by connecting deeply with customers...tapping authentically into core wants and needs...igniting passion for your brand.

All great marketing begins with this belief.  At Arends, we celebrate it, daily.

As an agency, we attack our client's toughest challenges with a combination of timeless marketing practices and the latest digital marketing technologies. It's a potent, passion-driven mix.  One we'd love
to unleash on your toughest challenges.


    A Place Called "Challenge"

    This we believe

    From Batavia to Bavaria and Back

It helps to attack client challenges with ideas cooked up in a facility known as the Challenge Factory. The ARENDS agency is headquartered within the restored Challenge Windmill Co. complex – an historical site built in the 1870s on the banks of the Fox River, just north in Batavia, IL.

It's an inspiring, inventive workspace.  Limestone walls 18" thick meld with modern architectural materials and lines. Energy-efficient lighting systems hang from 100+ year old wooden beams.  Skylights cut into a high R factor roof spill generous portions of natural light onto an open, collaboration-inducing floor plan.

The  conference room?  A smelting oven, in its former life, complete with fire-grade brick ceiling!

Our space reflects the unique, distinctive value of ARENDS.


At ARENDS, we believe in the value of timeless fundamentals: hard work, clear communications and open, honest collaboration.  These values create a workstyle that clients love. So it's no wonder we're often viewed not as a vendor, but as an extension of the marketing department itself.


Need a culturally tuned marketing presence in Dubai? We've got you covered. Rolling out a new product on the west coast? We can marshal proven resources on the ground for you – from San Diego and Orange County to Portland and Seattle. Looking for insights into the global aerospace and defense marketplace? Our London agency partner is a world authority on the subject. Trade show in Hannover? Our friends in Munich can help elevate the experience.

All of this is made possible by ARENDS' long-standing membership in MAGNET–The Marketing & Advertising Global Network–www.magnetglobal.org.

MAGNET is network of 30+ ad agencies, strategically headquartered across North America, Europe, Russia, Japan and Korea. We also are tapped into the resources and specialized knowledge of more than 200+ agencies via London-based MAGNET affiliate, networkone.

ARENDS has been a member of MAGNET since 1974. So our relationships with the principals and senior personnel of each agency in the network are close, personal and responsive. This gives our clients an incredibly powerful marketing resource – whether it's to access expertise in a specific sector or scale up international marketing initiatives with remarkable agility, speed and confidence.

In today's global networked village, it pays dividends to have trusted resources in strategic places. For ARENDS clients, that's MAGNET!