Kitamura Machinery
Case Study

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    Kitamura Machinery

    Brand Image | Design | Lead Generation | Tradeshow | Video/Animation
    Kitamura had a couple of issues...
    The first was that they had never worked with an agency before, outsourcing their marketing to specific vendors. And the second was that they are in a very competitive industry. Both of these problems resulted in Kitamura being left behind. Their creative was stale and they did not know how to tell their story from a customer point-of-view. With the largest and most important tradeshow coming up, they knew they needed to make a significant and distinctive change...
    The first thing Arends helped them accomplish was to find their voice. What makes them unique and distinctive in their industry. This was done with a branding exercise and developing key statements. They next step was to develop a campaign to break through the tradeshow clutter and generate leads and booth visits during IMTS. Arends crafted smart ads that were placed in trade media leading up to the show. We also utilized direct marketing in the form of email and helped specify the Kitamura client base through the IMTS marketing tools available. Then we went to work on making a splash at the show using Fatheads on their machines within the booth. The result? Machines were sold at the show, distributors were reenergized about the brand and better conversations were held leading to post-show sales well into the 4th quarter.